BBS develops and manufactures microdisplay kits , from DLP, HTPS and LCOS spacial light modulators used e.g. in 3d printing, 3d scanning, holography and resarch applications.

LCD micro display kit

3-LCD micro display system

spatial light modulator kitspatial-light-modulator-kit-microdisplays

DLP microdisplay kit



                                    DLP micro display optics

micro_display_ DLP_ LED_ optic_


illuminated color LCOS
 microdisplay kit

microdisplay illuminated


DLP display + controller
custom design

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 near to eye   
custom design

LCOS or DLP Controller with
SONY or Texas Instruments (TI)
Micro Panels

customized developments

LCD-Controller with
 Micro Displays
spatial light modulators SLM

Industrial Applications:
Direct Imaging Lithography
Spatial Light Modulator (SLM)
Laser Marking and Repair Systems
Computer-to-Plate Printers
Rapid Prototyping Machines and 3D Printers
3D Scanners for Machine Vision and Quality Control

Medical Applications:
Phototherapy Devices
Vascular Imaging
Hyperspectral Imaging
3D Scanners for Limb and Skin measurement
Confocal Microscopes
Surgical Microscopes

Display Applications:
3D Imaging Microscopes
Compressive Sensing
Intelligent and Adaptive Lighting
Augmented Reality and Information Overlay
Near to eye (NTE)
HUD Systems
Cinema Projectors

    * Microdisplay size from 0.6" to 1,8"
    * Resolution from 800x600 (SVGA), 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+) 1920x1200 (WUXGA), 4K
    * Frame rate from 60Hz to 120Hz
    * Digital and analog drive schemes
    * Monochrome and color-field-sequential LCOS or DLP microdisplays
    * Amplitude and phase modulating LCD or LCOS  micro displays

LCD-Microdisplays from Epson, LCOS from Sony, DLP panels from TI
 and others are available.

last change on August 13. 2020

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